Saturday, December 6, 2014

A job is more secure. Businesses fail. Really?!?!?

The truth is that an employee has absolutely no control over the security of his job yet most people view a job as safer than owning a business. Why? It’s because someone else is responsible for the money! Someone else holds the calculator, someone else has to monitor the profits and loss, makes the decisions, and losses are someone else’s fault therefore not to be worried about.

Trouble is this complete lack of control gives the exact opposite of security.
People think a business is less secure than a job because in a business they’ll be solely responsible for any failure. In a traditional business there are huge costs, long working hours, and no guarantee of earning any money at the end of the month.

Luckily, Network Marketing is not a traditional business!

With plenty of businesses failing today after years of being profitable, the belief that business is riskier is not totally unfounded. But the unemployment figures, certainly in recent recession years tell a different story.

All that has to happen for you to lose your job is for someone higher up in the company to look at some unfavourable numbers and decide that layoffs must be made. You could lose your job at a moment’s notice, and you get no say in the matter! In reality, you could get fired for reasons not related to your screwing up in some way, though it is often hard for someone to admit that. In a business, nobody can take your income away. Nobody can limit how much you earn. You aren’t forced to work with people you don’t like. In a job… everything can vanish before your very eyes.

Thinking that a job is more secure just means you are outsourcing the worry and business-sense to someone else, and keeping your head down in order to collect a paycheck. And sometimes, for some, those paychecks run out!

Do you know that 60% of people admit to being unhappy with their jobs? Your income is secure… right up until you’re no longer needed. Then you’re on your own. You get no say over who you work with, how many hours you work, if they fire you, when they fire you, and how much your time is worth. This means that business owners and the self-employed working from home get far more control over time and income than employees.

If someone else gets to decide on all the important elements of your income, you don’t have as much security as you might think…

If you still think job security exists, take a glance at the newspaper, in almost any part of the world, on any day of the week, in any week of the year. You will be able to read stories of job losses, company closures, effects of recession and economic downturns, and rising unemployment. These things are happening every single day, and if you’ve not been affected by these issues then you’ve been extremely lucky.

How long will your savings sustain you if you lost your job tomorrow? Before you know it you’re selling off things to keep going and before you know it creditors are at the door, on phone, the bank is calling too… then you realize you have to keep working in order to stay afloat. It’s like you’re in one of those hamster wheels, you either keep on running or you fail and go bankrupt.

You need to seize control of yourself, because you can’t rely on your job to provide you with financial security!

You can begin by earning some of your income outside of your job, even a small portion. Have multiple streams of income, that way your financial prospects would look very different. When you’re able to turn your time into profits and not just wages you’ll see all kind of possibilities you never considered before.

Looking for security is wise, but the only security we can have is our ability to make profit, either for ourselves or for someone else. No matter what you’re being paid on the job, if you generate anything less than that your pay in value for your boss, you’ll be gone. If you don’t generate more profit for the company you work for than the value of what they pay you, you’re simply not going to be kept around like some charity case.

Remember, the only security we have is our ability to make a profit, either for ourselves or for someone else.

We can only rely on ourselves. It’s the only security we have.


Taken from the book “MLM Scripts: Recruiting and Handling Objections” by Lewis Smile, MLM Article Zone. To learn more about the subject, grab your copy now on Amazon [that’s where I bought mine!]

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