Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Place of Personal Development in Network Marketing

I guess you're asking "Why is she so excited about this Network Marketing thing?!"

Thanks for asking cos I'm really super excited and I love to talk about Network Marketing!

I have grown so much and learnt so much since I was introduced to this awesome opportunity. I made sure to surround myself with winners and people who have succeeded in the business so I'm sure not to look back. I watch YouTube videos, attend webinars [it is for my own good so I'm not minding the money spent on internet, its an investment into my future], I buy and read and buy and read and buy and read. Personal Development is an aspect you cannot afford to overlook in this business. It is imperative that you study and upgrade yourself consistently and get equipped with the skills needed for the business. Studying helps you to plan, hear from those who have made it, know how to speak to your prospects and above all, gain confidence in what you are doing. I said ‘above all’ because one needs to be confident about network marketing to succeed. There are a whole lot of people who do not understand what network marketing is all about and as a result may have had rough and tough experiences or know someone who has and so they totally loathe the idea. The worst part is that they also try to discourage others from taking the step!

In just these few weeks the reading and training I’ve done have made me grow deep. So much that when I talk about network marketing some wonder how long I’ve been in the profession. I’m still learning. I look forward to learning more and more cos I’m hungry to achieve my goals. I’m hungry to be exceptional. I’m hungry to be a success in this business. And I will.

I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learnt with you…

Eric Worre, Founder of Network Marketing Pro said "There are important products and services in the world today that need to be promoted to the people who need them and consumers still need to be educated. Network Marketing is not perfect... It's just better!"  

Of course there are so many companies that have excellent products or services which need to be introduced to people. The network marketing company, instead of paying advertising agencies and wholesalers and retailers, chooses to pay the distributor directly [that is, you the network marketer] thereby cutting off the payment being made to the middle men and they pay it directly to the distributor. Instead of adverts in radio and TV and print media, the distributor is now trained to use earned media [word of mouth] to advertise the product. This now means that one needs to be conversant with the product or service which he is distributing, the knowledge you have of this product/service will keep you over the edge in your career as a Network Marketing Professional. So go study!

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I have found a sure way to financial freedom! #Excited!!

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