Sunday, January 18, 2015


There are two types of people in the world:
1. Those that are open minded and looking for opportunity, and those that have given up on life

2. Those that resign themselves to a lifetime of commuting to work, and those that would love to work from their homes

3. Those that would love to be their own boss and set their own hours, and those that are okay with just a few weeks of vacation every year

4. Those that are okay with working 5 to 6 days a week on a job, and those that want five-day weekends every week.

5. Those that get to travel, experience and see the world, and those that only get to see the world on the travel channels on their televisions.

There are two types of university graduates in the world:
6. Those that want to start a part-time business so they can eventually be their own boss, and those that resign themselves to 45 years of hard labour working for someone else.

There are two types of office workers in the world:
7. Those that work hard so their boss has a big house for his retirement, and those that want to retire early and have the retirement of their dreams.

Think about this and decide now what type of person you are. That decision, is going to get you where you need to be to achieve those big dreams of yours, but hey! That depends on the kind of dreamer you are: those that have big dreams or those that are content with their small by-the-corner dreams in their comfort zones.

Its all up to you!

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A job is more secure. Businesses fail. Really?!?!?

The truth is that an employee has absolutely no control over the security of his job yet most people view a job as safer than owning a business. Why? It’s because someone else is responsible for the money! Someone else holds the calculator, someone else has to monitor the profits and loss, makes the decisions, and losses are someone else’s fault therefore not to be worried about.

Trouble is this complete lack of control gives the exact opposite of security.
People think a business is less secure than a job because in a business they’ll be solely responsible for any failure. In a traditional business there are huge costs, long working hours, and no guarantee of earning any money at the end of the month.

Luckily, Network Marketing is not a traditional business!

With plenty of businesses failing today after years of being profitable, the belief that business is riskier is not totally unfounded. But the unemployment figures, certainly in recent recession years tell a different story.

All that has to happen for you to lose your job is for someone higher up in the company to look at some unfavourable numbers and decide that layoffs must be made. You could lose your job at a moment’s notice, and you get no say in the matter! In reality, you could get fired for reasons not related to your screwing up in some way, though it is often hard for someone to admit that. In a business, nobody can take your income away. Nobody can limit how much you earn. You aren’t forced to work with people you don’t like. In a job… everything can vanish before your very eyes.

Thinking that a job is more secure just means you are outsourcing the worry and business-sense to someone else, and keeping your head down in order to collect a paycheck. And sometimes, for some, those paychecks run out!

Do you know that 60% of people admit to being unhappy with their jobs? Your income is secure… right up until you’re no longer needed. Then you’re on your own. You get no say over who you work with, how many hours you work, if they fire you, when they fire you, and how much your time is worth. This means that business owners and the self-employed working from home get far more control over time and income than employees.

If someone else gets to decide on all the important elements of your income, you don’t have as much security as you might think…

If you still think job security exists, take a glance at the newspaper, in almost any part of the world, on any day of the week, in any week of the year. You will be able to read stories of job losses, company closures, effects of recession and economic downturns, and rising unemployment. These things are happening every single day, and if you’ve not been affected by these issues then you’ve been extremely lucky.

How long will your savings sustain you if you lost your job tomorrow? Before you know it you’re selling off things to keep going and before you know it creditors are at the door, on phone, the bank is calling too… then you realize you have to keep working in order to stay afloat. It’s like you’re in one of those hamster wheels, you either keep on running or you fail and go bankrupt.

You need to seize control of yourself, because you can’t rely on your job to provide you with financial security!

You can begin by earning some of your income outside of your job, even a small portion. Have multiple streams of income, that way your financial prospects would look very different. When you’re able to turn your time into profits and not just wages you’ll see all kind of possibilities you never considered before.

Looking for security is wise, but the only security we can have is our ability to make profit, either for ourselves or for someone else. No matter what you’re being paid on the job, if you generate anything less than that your pay in value for your boss, you’ll be gone. If you don’t generate more profit for the company you work for than the value of what they pay you, you’re simply not going to be kept around like some charity case.

Remember, the only security we have is our ability to make a profit, either for ourselves or for someone else.

We can only rely on ourselves. It’s the only security we have.


Taken from the book “MLM Scripts: Recruiting and Handling Objections” by Lewis Smile, MLM Article Zone. To learn more about the subject, grab your copy now on Amazon [that’s where I bought mine!]

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Place of Personal Development in Network Marketing

I guess you're asking "Why is she so excited about this Network Marketing thing?!"

Thanks for asking cos I'm really super excited and I love to talk about Network Marketing!

I have grown so much and learnt so much since I was introduced to this awesome opportunity. I made sure to surround myself with winners and people who have succeeded in the business so I'm sure not to look back. I watch YouTube videos, attend webinars [it is for my own good so I'm not minding the money spent on internet, its an investment into my future], I buy and read and buy and read and buy and read. Personal Development is an aspect you cannot afford to overlook in this business. It is imperative that you study and upgrade yourself consistently and get equipped with the skills needed for the business. Studying helps you to plan, hear from those who have made it, know how to speak to your prospects and above all, gain confidence in what you are doing. I said ‘above all’ because one needs to be confident about network marketing to succeed. There are a whole lot of people who do not understand what network marketing is all about and as a result may have had rough and tough experiences or know someone who has and so they totally loathe the idea. The worst part is that they also try to discourage others from taking the step!

In just these few weeks the reading and training I’ve done have made me grow deep. So much that when I talk about network marketing some wonder how long I’ve been in the profession. I’m still learning. I look forward to learning more and more cos I’m hungry to achieve my goals. I’m hungry to be exceptional. I’m hungry to be a success in this business. And I will.

I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learnt with you…

Eric Worre, Founder of Network Marketing Pro said "There are important products and services in the world today that need to be promoted to the people who need them and consumers still need to be educated. Network Marketing is not perfect... It's just better!"  

Of course there are so many companies that have excellent products or services which need to be introduced to people. The network marketing company, instead of paying advertising agencies and wholesalers and retailers, chooses to pay the distributor directly [that is, you the network marketer] thereby cutting off the payment being made to the middle men and they pay it directly to the distributor. Instead of adverts in radio and TV and print media, the distributor is now trained to use earned media [word of mouth] to advertise the product. This now means that one needs to be conversant with the product or service which he is distributing, the knowledge you have of this product/service will keep you over the edge in your career as a Network Marketing Professional. So go study!

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I have found a sure way to financial freedom! #Excited!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

THE Real Secret to Success

THE Real Secret to Success

secret to successEvery day someone will ask me, “What’s the Secret to Success?” Today, I answer it.
Watch the below video and after a LOT of thinking this question over, I seriously do believe this is the secret.

What Will Be Revealed…

In the below video you will learn IF you have been sabotaging yourself from success. IF you DON’T follow the advice in the below video, I am going to say that your success is almost guaranteed never to come.
However, in the opposite way, if you do follow the advice in the video, your success may not come right away but IT WILL COME.


IF you are comfortable in your excuses on why you are failing, you may not want to watch this video as it will call you out and it will point you to the true secret to success. I mean this. Some are so accustomed to complaining to their friends and family members how stuck they are and how tough life is that to make a change in that department would mean getting seriously uncomfortable. IF you are worried about that, best not to watch this video as this will uncover the exact behavior that is keeping you where you are.
For those that are bold, and for those that are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I give to you… [click on the link below or copy it and paste on your browser to watch Ray Higdon reveal the Secret to success

Friday, November 14, 2014

Network Marketing and The New Economy

The world as you know it has changed. It will be the worst of times for people who don’t recognize that fact but for the people who do, it will be the best of times.

Over the past 100 years, an interesting phenomenon occurred. The rise of the corporation became the standard of the society. The safe and respected place for people to exist in the world was as an employee.

Step 1: Go to school and learn how to be an employee.

Step 2: Find a company that will employ you.

Step 3: Work for that company for 40 years.

Step 4: Retire.

In recent decades, the promise of being rewarded by the company for your loyalty has been exposed as a myth. People began to realize that the loyalty they were giving to their company was not being reciprocated, so a different process evolved…

Step 1: Go to school and learn how to be an employee.

Step 2: Find a company that will employ you.

Step 3: Switch companies for various political and economic reasons every 3-5 years over the course of your career.

Step 4: Find out that you can’t retire comfortably after 40 years, so you keep working.

Now we’re going through the biggest shift in our lifetime. For a century, companies have paid people by the hour, week or year, that’s changing on a global level.

The world is moving towards a performance economy. In the future, you’re only going to be paid for your performance, not your time anymore. For example the server in the food industry are paid very low hourly wages which is required by law and they make their living through tips, based on their performance. You can imagine that being applied to virtually every profession in the world…

For the office worker, here’s an example.

Let’s say you earn $60,000 annually…

Step 1: The company will lower that salary to something like $50,000 because with today’s marketplace there are other people to take the job for a lower amount.

Step 2: They will reduce your “base” salary to something like $20,000

Step 3: They will tell you that you can get an additional $30,000 over the year if you hit certain performance benchmarks monthly.
This means that if you hit your numbers, you can make an additional $2,500 per month. Now the pressure is on, and the company is loving it. If you don’t hit your numbers, the company can save more money and if you do hit your numbers, guess what? They are going to raise your requirements.

Unless you’re extremely specialized, this will happen to you, if it hasn’t happened already; and it will happen to every single profession worldwide. The evolution has begun.

Why is this happening?

One: it is a better model for the company. They’ll get better results with less expense.
Two: The New Economy needs fewer people, so the company has more people competing for fewer and fewer jobs.

Why does the New Economy need fewer people?

The exponential rise in technology has changed everything…
Remember customer service call centers where you talked to people? Today, you talk to a machine and those jobs are gone.
Remember when companies had a massive amount of salespeople? Now people order online and those sales jobs are gone. I could go on and on…

Technology and efficiency are eliminating jobs every single day, and there’s nothing we can do about it. In fact, it’s only going to accelerate. If you’re sitting there waiting for the economy to bounce back and for jobs to return, don’t. They aren’t coming back.

Network Marketing is BETTER…

The best way to not only survive, but to thrive in the New Economy, is Network Marketing. More and more companies are going to choose Network marketing as a means to tell their stories to the world because it fits the New Economy. They can provide all the corporate support and pay distributors on a purely performance basis to promote their products. It’s extremely efficient because in the New Economy, word-of-mouth advertising continues to work better than any form of promotion.

What this means for you as an entrepreneur is that you can receive all the benefits of traditional business ownership without typical risks, and there will be no cap to your income because Network Marketing companies want you to make as much as possible.

If you’re going to be paid for your performance anyway, why live with the cap???

 This article is an excerpt from Eric Worre’s book “Go Pro – 7 steps to becoming a Network Marketing Professional” Grab your paperback or kindle copy on Amazon. It is rich!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What do you look for in a Network Marketing Company?

So I went researching to know what a good network marketing company should look like cos I realized that one thing that put people off and make them quit early is a lack of understanding of what to look out for in a good MLM company. Below are my findings… I hope they’re useful to you, cos they are quite useful to me and make me very confident in my MLM Company of choice. I’ll reveal that info pretty soon…

It’s important to understand what makes a successful multi-level marketing company. First it has to be a company with a proven track record that shows integrity with every business decision.

Look for these important business practices:
1.    Quality Product
Innovative, quality products speak of the credibility of the company—and you as a Distributor. Look for a market leader with a proven track record

2.    No Pass-Ups
Nobody in your downline should ever be promoted above you. A promotion for them should be a promotion for you too.

3.    Financial Stability
Steady growth is a strong indicator of a successful future. Review growth charts and sales figures for the entire life of the company.

4.    Longevity
Look for a company with at least a 5-year track record of growth and strong management.

5.    Consumable Products
An active customer base is critical to a successful home-based business. This can only be built with quality consumable products.

6.    Extensive Support Network
Your success represents the success of the company. A good company will offer excellent training, seminars, incentives, and a support center.

7.    International Presence

A company with an international presence demonstrates stability, growth, and ample industry experience.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The truth about Network Marketing

Let’s face facts; everyday each one of us is involved in network marketing. For example, my friend sees my new suit, beautiful, elegant and so so fitting all the curves and she asks where I got it, I give her the name of the boutique and she goes there and gets one just like or almost like mine. Or, I need a good language school to enroll my son in and I post it on my BBM or Whatsapp and in a split second 5 or 6 friends bombard me with names of good schools or language teachers to contact, I get in touch with a few of the them, check them out and eventually pick one and enroll my son. I could give so many more examples, but I’m sure you catch my drift.

The only difference between what just happened above and network marketing is that my friend doesn’t get a discount because I referred her to that boutique, neither do I get paid by the boutique for referring her. I also don’t get a discount on the tuition from the language school because I got a referral neither does the one who referred me get paid. But in network marketing the exact opposite happens! When I refer you, I get paid and you get a discount cos I referred you. Which means that the more people I refer, the more I’m paid and when the people I refer in turn refer others, they get paid for the referral, I get paid for my referrals’ referrals and the referrals get the products or services at a discount because they were referred.

Robert Kiyosaki said that "the richest people in the world look for and build networks..." now that’s the way to go. Wouldn’t you want to build a network and make money while at it? Here's another instance. Let’s say at the end of a school term you have 10 families who have enrolled their kids in the same school your kids attend and they were all referred by you, do you know that is a network you’ve built?! At each PTA or family games you’d all form a team or something since you all knew each other and maybe if one of you were vying for a position in the PTA the rest of course would vote for him/her, but that’s all you get from that. How about if you were to get paid for all the ten families? And if you were paid a percentage of the tuition each term that each family paid their school fees? Can you imagine how much you’d make? And if each family in turn referred some more families to the school they get paid for each family they referred, you will also get paid for their referrals. This means that even long after your kids have left the school, as long as the families you referred and the ones they referred and the ones those ones referred and so on and so on keep referring more families and they keep paying school fees, your money keeps coming into your account from that school. It’s called residual income. Whether or not you are actively involved, you keep getting your income. How about that?

Let’s talk about active income and passive income. Active income is what we receive when we are on the left side of the quadrant, you know the E and S [Employee and Self employed/small business owner]. As long as you are working, either at a job or your small business, your income keeps coming and hopefully rising as well, but, the moment you stop. It stops. Highest the pension and/or savings will last you a few months or years but that’s it. This therefore means you either keep on working on someone’s job, i.e. helping someone else build their dreams, or struggling with your small business or your self employment. Now for those on the right side of the quadrant, they are the B=Big business owners and the I=Investors, what they earn is passive income. Whether or not they are actively involved, their income is constantly flowing and working for them.

Which side of the quadrant are you in? Which side so you wanna be in?

Adios! Let’s talk more soon